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About our program

3 Months

Our program duration is 3 months. Where you will learn and work along with Professionals

8-hour workdays

8-hour workdays, 5 days a week, simulating the dynamics like corporate Culture.

Training + Internship

Experience real time environment of a company and work on real- time projects.

Course Content

01. Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Comprehensive overview of digital marketing channels and strategies to build a strong online presence.

  • Comprehensive overview of digital marketing channels and strategies
  • Mastering search engine optimization (SEO) for improved online visibility
  • Effective social media marketing and community engagement techniques
Course Content

02. Advanced Digital Marketing Specializations

Develop impactful content marketing and influencer marketing campaigns to effectively reach and influence target audiences.

  • Leveraging data analytics and AI-powered tools for marketing insights
  • Developing impactful content marketing and influencer marketing campaigns
  • Exploring the latest trends and best practices in email marketing, PPC advertising, and marketing automation
Tools and Technologies Explored

Skills you Learn

Google Ads
Short Term Digital Marketing Course

45 days

Digital Marketing Course

3 months

Advanced Digital Marketing Course

6 months


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What kind of real-world experience can I gain through the program?

The internship allows students to experience the real-time environment of a software company and work on real-time projects, gaining practical experience in a professional setting.

What sets this program apart from conventional training institutes?

SkillCentral's offers hands-on experience in a professional software company environment, with full-time 8-hour workdays, simulating real-world dynamics. Traditional institutes typically provide 2-3 hour training sessions.

How is the program structured, and what are the key milestones?

The program involves a combination of learning, hands-on experience, and an internship certificate upon completion, providing a comprehensive and structured learning journey.

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